Screening MeTheForce

As per the Newton’s third law, for every action (force) in nature there is an equal and opposite reaction. So why not react to the negativity of this world with some positive steps.

Let’s join #MeTheForce movement to support the violence and abuse against women and children campaign. If you are driven by the idea of having a safer world for our next generation, let’s fight the evil by taking part in the movement. Share your story to help the world understand the severity of these issues, so that we as ZForce can take steps to eradicate these issues.




Mayur Ramgir

Mayur Ramgir began his movie career with his inspiring #MeTheForce music video. It was an instant success globally. It received two international awards at the prestigious film festivals of Festigious film festival and New York Film festival. #MeTheForce has become a sensation among the music lovers. It is a complete ordeal of a child’s story. He is definitely a rising star in Hollywood’s feature production and has the potential to be seen on the eminent Emmy awards.