Merryland Movie Audition

Merryland Magic is surreal. Only a few get the chance to experience the nectar of magical spells. Meet Vanessa and Nick they are the best friends. On one hand Nick doesn’t believes in magic. On the other, Vanessa has complete faith in magic. They always have small fights to prove their opinions. However, both of them have failed to prove themselves. But one day the magical land collides with the real world creating a portal to communicate. Vanessa and Nick goes to an exhilarating adventure filled with treasures and mysteries. Merryland is a completely different place located far far away from the civilizations of 21st century. It is a huge floating island above the North Atlantic Ocean near mysterious Bermuda triangle. Till now Vannesa and Nick were only familiar with humans and animals. But, Merryland gives them the chance to meet Fairies, wizards, monsters, demons, witches, vampires, hags, knights, unicorns, centaurs, etc. A long journey of mystery, friendship, warfare, kingdom and an untold thriller story to reveal hidden truth of an age old mystery. Will this adventure restore Nick’s faith on magic? Will nick and Vanessa discover new magical powers? It’s for you to find out!–